Promosi Doktor: Dudi Anandya
Promosi Doktor: Dudi Anandya
Program Pascasarjana Ilmu Manajemen FEUI
Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia
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Dudi Anandya
Manajemen Pemasaran (0706221602)
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Judul Disertasi:
Motivation, Opportunity, dan Ability (MOA) Sebagai Anteseden Bagi Interaksi Antar Pengguna Situs Jaringan Pertemanan Sosial dan Implikasinya Bagi Persepsi Nilai Keanggotaan dan Loyalitas Anggota: Perspektif Pemasaran Internet.

Ketua Sidang:
Firmanzah, Ph.D.

1.    Prof. Dr. Sofjan Assauri
2.    Prof. Dr. Teddy Pawitra
3.    Dr. Tengku Ezni Balqiah

1.    Dr. Adi Zakaria Afiff (Ketua Penguji)
2.    Gita Gayatri, Ph.D.
3.    Dr. Setyo Hari Wijanto
4.    Dr. Ignatius Heruwasto
5.    Sari Wahyuni, Ph.D.
Waktu dan Tempat:
Kamis, 29 April 2010
14.00 – 16.00
Auditorium Gedung Pascasarjana FEUI Lt. 4
Kampus UI Depok
Internet (international network) has been known since 1950, and  facilitate exchange of data among scientist and researchers. In the next era internet has grown rapidly and make many kind of information like message and picture exchangable. It also create new virtual world called cyberspace where people interact each others.
One of the phenomenon in internet era is the raise of virtual community where people exchange information among others. This virtual community can be happened within a social network, especially in friendship based social network, where people seek and made friend in the new world. In Marketing this phenomena known as partner seeking behavior, whence each person involved exchange something valuable for their partner/friends. There is new kind of exchange follow this phenomena, the information exchange.
In information exchange context there are two perspective, each one develop their own research stream. First is the inside out perspective that emphasize their research begining from internal factor and then the impact to behavior. The other perspective is outside in which their primary concern is the impact of system characeristics on value development and loyalty. This dissertation synthesize those two perspectives  in order to give the comprehensive approach. From inside out persepective motivation, opportunity and ability used as antecedent for information exchange, and then this exchange will impact the value and loyalty. Outside in perspective use system characteristics as independent variable that impact on value and then to loyalty.
We used facebook and friendster member as respondents, with total of  256 participants chosen by  snowball sampling technique. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) with two step approach was use as analytical tool. The result show that only motivation and ability has significant impact on information exchange. Ability has greater impact on information exchange than motivation. Information exchange can impact loyalty directly or indirectly through membership value. From system characteristics only information quality has significant impact on value, hence the inside out perspective give more dominant result.

Keywords: virtual community, motivation, opportunity, ability, information exchange, system characteristics.